We see Youthh as
more than a brand,

we see it as a movement

We're on a mission to revolutionise the pathway to a brighter future for kids who belong in the water and thrive on the land.

We care about nurturing talent, fostering healthy and active lifestyles and building a strong community through mentorship. Youthh is our way of prioritising the development and well being of young athletes, empowering and inspiring them to reach their full potential.

We're wild, free

and full of energy

We move fast, and we can't get enough of anything. We're forever trying, falling down and getting back up. We know we can do anything, and we'll work it all out as we go. We're the next generation, and we're here right now.

We're informed by the past

and inspired by the future

We're asking lots of questions to learn from the best. We're watching and wondering and working harder than anyone. We're in a hurry, but we'll slow down long enough to listen. Together we'll find our path to the future, one little step at a time.

We're always growing

Our seconds turn quickly into minutes, into hours, and into days. Our days make space for lessons and crazy amounts of growth. We know today is important, but tomorrow is fast approaching. We're on our own mission to become someone who inspires someone else.

We're focused on the future

We know that dreams are real, and they're really hard to reach. We've decided that we're not here for easy things, we're here for things that are hard. That's why you'll find us outside looking for the next wave, the next rail, the next fresh dump of snow, the next mate to hang with, the next laugh, the next everything.

This might look like permanent vacation mode, but it's not, this is the essence of Surf, Skate and Snow culture, and it's activated by you.